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Welcome to the home page of Bassmaster Opens Pro Mike Kaminskas. This site will be designed to show all Bass Anglers the fun and adventures that I enjoy while Bass fishing. I will show everyone at all levels of tournament fishing the ups and downs as they happen in real time, as well as keeping the most up to date local and National tournament schedules and standings. As this site is constantly updated please take note, and the opportunity’s to utilize the provided links to my many Sponsors who help me make my dreams become realities. In respect I hope everyone bares with me in the experimental design changes of my site and I welcome all criticism and helpful hints that you may have for me. I will also offer my domain to anyone that has a justifiable charity, special event or promotion that you would like to advertise.

Mike K

Getting ready For the 2016 Bassmasters Classic

This year to be held in Houston Texas, I have a strong feeling that this
year will have record breaking weights. For a couple key reasons, one the area and two the time of the year. This year it will be in the end of March, the 24-26th . This will mark my 9th year at the Classic and each year I attend it is always a notch better than the previous years. It never gets old.  It will be nice to see Edwin go for two in a row as I'm sure he will be swinging for fences as will all anglers. Stay tuned for sure as we get closer to the event I will be adding more data and detail to my "Nations News Page"

Photo Mike Kaminskas ( The Nations News) 

Had a great 2016 Season finishing it up on the Norris Lake in Tennessee for an FLW tour invitational. it was a tuff event for sure but a fun one. the water was very low and it took me the better part of a week to figure it out but I truly didn't do it in time, thats the nature of the beast when it comes to tournament fishing and traveling far from the nest.    

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Stay tuned to " You Heard" The Nations New's as Rich Favire and I go straight to the action in Birmingham Alabama Feb, 21,22,23. for the 2014 Bassmasters Classic. We will be providing daily photos and news feeds as it happens. Please stay tuned to get live feedback.........
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Mike K
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Enjoy a day of fishing right here on the website!
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